Welcome to our Store

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This is a Stand to Pee Prosthetic Penis (StP) store created and designed for FtM (Female to Male) folks in the LGBTQ+ community.

You MUST be 18 or older to purchase from this website unless you have parent\guardian permission.

Once you enter the store, you will see photos and video of realistic, synthetic, prosthetic penises.

They are NOT dildos.

They are NOT sex toys.

They are Stand to Pee Prosthetic Penises and they are very important to the FtM community!

Upon entering the site you agree you are at least 18 and\or with a parent\guardian.

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32 Replies to “Welcome to our Store”

  1. The owner is just a dude who makes these in his garage. not like a big store. but not bad. dont expect like 5 STAR HOTEL WITH BIG STAFF treatment but who really cares you are just buying a dick lol!

  2. this site has pretty good price for what you get compared to other sites. a lot of other sites are over 200 dollars.

  3. I am here from the post in the Facebook group that everyone else is here from. Your store link was posted on August 11th in a FtM trans group with thousands of people in it. Your supporters came here to post comments on your home page. Keep up the good work!

  4. Heads up, the owner of this site is a major help who talks about people being Gods creation and other nice things I don’t have the time to write here. Do buy from this person, there are plenty of other places that are a lot more expnsive.

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