“I’m not anti-trans, I’m pro-women!”

Following the Guardian statement on trans rights recently, where they took the party line that in essence trans rights and acceptance were oppositional or ignorant towards women’s rights, I did a quick poll. Don’t worry, it contains all the same scientific rigour used by the Guardian to justify their argument!

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And by scientific rigour, I basically just asked my mates and about 200 of my cis women friends responded saying no. This is basically exactly the same thing as what has happened with the current trans rights discussion. I wouldn’t be surprised if I actually had more people in my crappy Twitter poll than the anti-trans lobby had, given the amount of sock accounts on Twitter that keep popping up to artificially inflate anti-trans likes and retweets…. but that’s a story for another day…

Back to the topic at hand… A bunch of trans exclusionary radical feminists got together and started politically organising against trans rights; and one of their go to ways to attempt to emotionally manipulate people is to pit trans women’s rights against cis women’s rights.

You don’t have to look far to see anti-trans types claiming that what they’re doing is for or on behalf of women, even when many cis women are telling them to stop. And when they tell them to stop the anti-trans response is to call them handmaidens or imply they’re just under the thumb of patriarchy… fuck women’s agency amirite? There’s no way a woman could have come to her own conclusions on a subject!

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But its all a bunch of bollocks to be honest. Because the very premise baked into the statement they are making when they say “I’m not anti-trans, I’m pro-women” is very much an anti-trans sentiment. As the entire argument being had is “do trans women count as “women” or not?” If you assert that you’re pro-women, but don’t include trans women in that then by definition you are anti-trans. There’s no two ways about that.

And I know, there’s someone out there reading this thinking, “well I can’t be anti-trans, I support trans men because they’re female and therefore women, and I’m pro-women!” This is also an anti-trans statement to make because you’re denying the lived trans experience of that person.

And this isn’t even getting on to how a lot of these anti-trans types talk to and treat trans men, which… I’ve talked about the disgusting ways they talk about trans women before, from Julia Long’s slideshow of trans women she called men and mocked the appearances of to my own experiences being called a garbage transvestite and having people tell me it would be ironic if I got raped soon. Its pretty bad. But I’d argue there’s an even more disgustingly sinister vibe amongst anti-trans women’s treatment of the trans men they claim to support.

Including these tweets where a couple of anti-trans women ganged up on a trans man to try and trigger his dysphoria. Calling him a lesbian and saying stuff that amounts to straight dudes trying to convert lesbians at bars. Its literally everything they try to claim trans women do to cis lesbians (we don’t.)

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and lets of course, not forget the way that anti-trans cis women talk about trans men’s bodies. As mutilated and destroyed by hormones and surgery. To the point where they’ve even made drawings of it! Where for some reason a trans man has had enough skin grafts for three dicks — and the skin hasn’t healed? at all? for some reason?

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anti-trans women most definitely aren’t pro women whichever way you slice it. Because if they were? and they truly believe trans men to be women? Why do they treat them so badly? Why do they belittle and infantilise cis women who support trans women?

I’m pro-women, not anti-trans. Because I support trans people and women, including trans women. These anti-trans activists? They are most definitely anti-trans as their entire ideology is centered around opposing trans people and our rights and acceptance in society. From smears and propaganda, to hyperbole and exaggerations of the truth used to emotionally manipulate. There is literally no part of their “women’s advocacy” which isn’t centered on pushing for trans exclusionary policies… so like…

Can we please stop pretending that anti-trans is anything except anti-trans now? Thanks. ❤

Written by: Gemma Stone




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