3 in 1 Stand to Pee Packer - 6 inch 'Slenderman'

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This is a 3 in 1 Stand to Pee Packer - 6 inch prosthetic penis. They are made of the highest quality silicone you can buy on the market. Some companies use cheap silicone that will rip easily, melt in high temperatures, melt if they touch other silicone or plastics (which makes storing them and cleaning them difficult) and will even attract MOLD over time! MOLD!!

We use the best silicone you can get straight from Hollywood! We use the SAME high quality silicone that Freetom, Reel Magik and PeeCock use on their prosthetics. Our prices are a LOT lower as well. Go ahead and see for yourself!

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Read the FAQ page before you buy a product from us!

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Any packing underwear or harness will work fine. If you do not have any packing underwear or binders, CLICK HERE and try FtM Essentials. They have a variety of options to choose from. As you can see in the photos, it packs VERY well and does not create a massive bulge like other companies.

*If you use our referral link, then we get credit for the sale. We use that money to donate binders to transmen in need.


We recommend coconut oil for lube. Insert the rod for a simulated erection and harder shaft. You may use condoms with these.


Hold the base of the prosthetic close to your body. Like you would with a She Wee or other camping\outdoor peeing device. Aim for the exit hole, not the base of the shaft.

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